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Last updated 02/12/2023

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  • Anti Hair Wrap Technology:
    • Removes hair from the brush-roll while cleaning.
    • Suitable for long, short, and pet hair.
    • DuoClean & PowerFins pull in hair and debris, lifting dust from hard floors.
  • Up to 60 Mins Run-Time:
    • Removable battery can be charged anywhere, on or off the vacuum.
    • LED headlights reveal hidden dust.
    • Carpet & hard floor modes available.
    • Up to 60 minutes run-time in ECO Power Mode (with non-motorised tool).
  • Bends So You Don't Have To:
    • Flexology wand bends to reach tricky areas.
    • Easily cleans under furniture.
    • Folds down for compact, freestanding storage.
  • Includes:
    • Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner with Anti Hair Wrap DuoClean Floorhead.
    • 1 Battery & Charger (UK Plug).
    • Motorised Pet Tool, Crevice Tool, and Multi-Surface Tool.
    • Capacity: 1L, In Use Weight: 2.2Kg.
    • Colour: Black/Red .
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  • Anti Tangle Flexible Brush
    • Vacuum cleaner has advanced Tangle Free floor brush with soft/hard bristles.
    • No need to replace the brush head for floor/carpet cleaning.
    • Brush head supports 0° to 180° sideways and 0° to 90° up and down swivel steering.
    • Bright LED lights illuminate corners for better cleaning.
  • Multi Filtration System & 1.2L Dust Cup
    • JR700 stick vacuum cordless has added air filtration systems.
    • Maximizes dust particle isolation, protecting the motor.
    • Effectively captures 99.9% of tiny dust particles.
    • 1.2L large dust cup easily emptied with the push of a button.
  • Versatile Accessories & FLEXIBLE
    • Comes with multifunctional accessories.
    • Telescopic design for flexibility in use.
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  • Portable Cleaning:
    • Can transform from an upright to a portable vacuum with Lift-Away feature.
    • Suitable for cleaning stairs, sofas, high areas, and more.
  • Two Floor Modes:
    • Easily switch between carpet and hard floor modes using controls on the handle.
    • Adjustable suction control for customized cleaning.
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal:
    • Captures and traps 99.9% of dust and allergens.
    • Based on IEC standard 62885-2 Cl. 5.11 at 0.3 to 10 microns.
  • Perfect for Homes with Pets:
    • Includes Pet Tool, Crevice Tool, and Multi-Surface Tool for effective pet hair removal.
    • Long 8m power cord for extended reach.
    • LED headlights in the floorhead illuminate hidden dust.
  • Shark Guarantee:
    • Shark offers a 5-year guarantee upon registration.
    • Dedicated customer care team for assistance.
  • Deal Information:
    • This item has been on deal since the 8th March.
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  • Anti Hair Wrap Technology:
    • Removes hair from the brush-roll while cleaning.
    • Keeps the brush-roll tangle-free.
  • DuoClean Floorhead:
    • Suitable for carpets and hard floors.
    • Glides smoothly, picking up large and small debris.
    • LED headlights illuminate hidden dust.
  • Powered Lift-Away:
    • Portable cleaning for stairs, high areas, and under furniture.
    • Includes Pet Tool, Upholstery Tool, and Duster Crevice Tool.
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal:
    • Captures and traps dust and allergens inside the vacuum.
  • Convenient Features:
    • Long 8m power cord for easy movement.
    • Ideal for a variety of cleaning tasks.
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  • Anti Hair Wrap Plus:
    • Shark's best hair pick-up technology.
    • Removes hair from the brush-roll while cleaning.
    • Suitable for long, short, and pet hair.
  • Anti-Odour Technology:
    • Guards against bad odours in the vacuum.
    • Keeps your home smelling fresher.
  • For All Floors:
    • DuoClean floorhead works on carpets and hard floors.
    • 3 floor settings for versatility.
    • LED headlights reveal hidden dust and pet hair.
  • Transforms into a Portable Vacuum:
    • Powered Lift-Away feature for portable cleaning.
    • Easily clean under furniture, sofas, and high places.
  • Pet Pro Model:
    • Includes Anti Hair Wrap Pet Tool, Crevice Tool, Multi-Surface Tool.
    • 8m power cord for flexibility.
    • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal for a cleaner environment.
    • 5-year guarantee upon registration.
    • Dedicated customer care team for support.
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  • Intelligent Auto Mode
    • Switch between automatic and manual mode easily using the color display screen.
    • Suction power adjusts automatically based on the cleaning surface.
    • Display screen shows battery life and alerts for clogs.
    • Provides a smarter cleaning experience for the whole family.
  • Up to 55min Runtime
    • Equipped with 7*2200mAh battery with intelligent protection chip.
    • 15 minutes at max suction, 55 minutes at min suction.
    • Takes 4-5 hours to fully charge.
    • Option to purchase extra batteries for longer run times.
  • Anti-Tangle Brush
    • Advanced Tangle-Free floor brush design.
    • Soft/hard bristles built in.
    • Brush head supports 0° to 180° sideways and 0° to 90° up and down swivel steering.
    • Bright LED lights for better cleaning, illuminating corners.
  • Versatile Accessories
    • Comes with telescopic tube, floor brush, crevice brush, and 2 in 1 brush.
    • Transformable into a handheld/stick vacuum cleaner.
    • Suitable for cleaning hard floors, tiles, carpet, beds, sofas, gaps, curtains, stairs, and cars.
  • No-Worry Service
    • Buture Pro vacuum cleaner offers a free 3-year guarantee upon registration (1 year for batteries).
    • Accessories replacement service available.
    • 24/7 after-sales support provided.
    • A comprehensive solution for a more comfortable life.
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  • Lightweight Design:
    • Hoover Upright 300 is a powerful vacuum that performs well and is incredibly light.
    • Weighs less than 5kg for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Multi-Cyclonic Technology:
    • Equipped with multi-cyclonic technology for better dust separation.
    • Keeps filters cleaner for a longer period by driving dust away from the filter.
  • Easy Steering:
    • Upright 300 has a swivelling floorhead with an 80° steering angle.
    • Allows smooth navigation around obstacles during cleaning.
  • Tackles Pet Hair:
    • Specifically designed for pet owners, the Upright 300 includes a pets mini turbo brush.
    • Penetrates deep into carpets, cushions, and fabric to lift out stubborn pet hair.
  • HEPA Filter:
    • Features a washable H13 HEPA filter.
    • Traps dust, pollen, and allergens, contributing to purified air in your home while cleaning.
  • National Promotion (01-28.11.2023):
    • Special promotion available nationwide from November 1st to November 28th, 2023.
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  • Vacuum Cleaner Features:
    • Lightest corded vacuum cleaner
    • Power: 850 watts
    • Noise Level: 80 dB
  • Performance Technology:
    • Multi-cyclonic technology for constant suction
    • Steerable technology for easy navigation around furniture
  • Accessories Included:
    • Turbo tool
    • 3-in-1 tool
    • Upholstery tool
    • Especially useful for homes with pets
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  • Vacuum Suction (13,000PA):
    • Neabot P1 Pro pet grooming kit has a special vacuum feature.
    • Quickly sucks away hair and debris during trimming.
    • Saves time and energy, creating a healthier living space for you and your pets.
  • 5 Grooming Tools:
    • Dog grooming brush and deshedding brush make the coat smoother, healthier, and shinier.
    • Dog hair clippers remove excess hair.
    • Cleaning brush for scrubbing puppy paws.
    • Nozzle head collects pet hair from sofas, rugs, and floors.
  • 5 Grooming Combs:
    • Adjustable combs (3, 6, 12, 18, and 24 mm) for different pet hair types and lengths.
    • Professional dog clipper blade made of sharp and durable stainless steel.
    • Effectively cuts through knots and tangles without harming your pet's skin.
  • Low Noise Design:
    • Neabot P1 Pro dog vacuum groomer has low noise levels.
    • 52dB in Eco mode, 58dB in standard mode.
    • Recommends brushing pets before trimming and using treats to prevent nervousness.
  • After-Sales Service:
    • Customer satisfaction is a top priority.
    • Neabot P1 Pro comes with a 1-year warranty and a 45-day no-worry return policy.
    • 24/7 customer service available for a hassle-free experience.
    • Contact through message for any issues.
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  • Shark's Best Hair Pick-Up with Anti Hair Wrap Plus:
    • Removes hair from the brush-roll as you clean.
    • Suitable for long, short, and pet hair.
  • Clean Sense IQ:
    • Senses hidden dirt and adjusts cleaning power automatically.
    • DuoClean floorhead transitions smoothly between carpets and hard floors.
    • Features 2 motorised brush-rolls in 1 floorhead.
  • 2 Removable Batteries:
    • Provides up to 120 minutes of run-time.
    • Batteries are removable and can be charged on or off the vacuum.
    • Achieves the specified run-time when using two batteries consecutively in ECO power mode with non-motorised tools.
  • Anti-Odour Technology:
    • Guards against bad odours inside the vacuum.
    • Specifically protects against dust cup odours often caused by pet hair, dust, and dander.
    • Promotes a fresher-smelling home.

What is a Pet Vacuum?

A pet vacuum is a special kind of vacuum cleaner designed to handle the extra mess that comes with having furry friends. It helps keep your home clean by tackling pet hair, dander, and other messes.

Key Features to Consider:

1. Strong Suction:

  • Look for a vacuum with powerful suction to effectively pick up pet hair and debris from your floors and furniture.

2. Specialized Attachments:

  • Choose a vacuum with pet-specific attachments, like a brush or tool designed to capture pet hair from different surfaces.

3. HEPA Filtration:

  • Opt for a vacuum with HEPA filters. These traps tiny particles, helping to keep the air clean, especially if you or your family members have allergies.

4. Easy to Empty:

  • Check if the vacuum has a simple and mess-free way to empty the dustbin or replace bags.

5. Versatility:

  • Consider a vacuum that can handle various surfaces such as carpets, hardwood floors, and upholstery.

6. Noise Level:

  • If your pets are sensitive to loud noises, look for a vacuum with a lower noise level.

7. Cord Length or Battery Life:

  • Choose a vacuum with a cord or battery life suitable for your home size. This ensures you can reach all areas without interruptions.

8. Maneuverability:

  • Look for a vacuum that’s easy to maneuver, especially around furniture and tight spaces.

9. Stain Removal Capability:

  • Some pet vacuums come with features for handling pet stains. Consider this if accidents are a common occurrence.

10. Brand Reputation:

  • Stick to well-known brands with positive reviews. This ensures you’re getting a reliable vacuum.

Tips for First-Time Buyers:

  • Assess Pet Hair Types: Consider the type of pet hair your pets shed. Some vacuums are better suited for long hair, while others handle short hair more efficiently.
  • Check for Allergies: If allergies are a concern, focus on vacuums with excellent filtration systems.
  • Compare Prices: Compare prices from different sellers to find the best deal.
  • Read User Reviews: See what other pet owners are saying about the vacuum’s performance.

Choosing a vacuum for pet owners is easy when you focus on these features. Keep your home clean and pet hair-free with the right vacuum!

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