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Last updated 02/12/2023

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  • Large Capacity:
    • Cook 4-6 portions easily.
    • Each drawer accommodates up to 1kg of fries or a 1.6kg chicken.
    • Cooks up to 75% faster than fan ovens (Tested against fish fingers and sausages, including preheat).
  • Includes:
    • 2x Non-stick, dishwasher-safe 3.8L Drawers (7.6L total capacity) & Crisper Plates.
    • Chef-Created Recipe Guide.
    • Weight: 8.2kg.
    • Colour: Black.
  • Energy-Saving:
    • Save up to 75% on your energy bill.
    • Testing and calculations based on recommended cook time for sausages, using air fry function versus conventional ovens.
  • Dimensions:
    • H31.5cm x W38cm x D26.5cm.
    • 2-year guarantee upon registration with Ninja (UK & ROI only).
  • 6 Cooking Functions:
    • Max Crisp, Air Fry, Roast, Bake, Reheat, Dehydrate.
    • Cook from frozen to crispy.
    • Up to 75% less fat* using the Air Fry function (Tested against deep-fried, hand-cut French fries).
  • 2 Independent Cooking Zones:
    • Cook 2 foods, 2 ways, both ready at the same time.
    • Use different functions, times, and temps in each drawer to create complete meals in one appliance, or cater to 2 tastes.
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  • Solves Common Issues:
    • Gets rid of dampness, mold, and bad smells caused by too much moisture in your home.
  • Made for British Weather:
    • Built in Britain, it's the best-selling dehumidifier designed for the cold and wet British climate.
  • Super Powerful:
    • The strongest dehumidifier, it removes a lot of moisture (21 liters) and works well in any home.
  • Smart and Energy-Saving:
    • Smart technology saves energy by working when needed, keeping your home safe.
  • Useful Modes:
    • Does more than just remove moisture - it purifies the air and has a special mode for drying clothes.
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  • Handy Dehumidifier:
    • A portable dehumidifier that can remove up to 18 liters of moisture per day.
  • Convenient Features:
    • It has a 6.5-liter water tank, option for continuous drainage, easy-to-move wheels, and a washable carbon filter.
  • User-Friendly Touch Panel:
    • Easy-to-use touch panel with features like an Active Humidistat, Clean Filter Indicator, 1-24H Timer, Auto Shut Off, and Auto Defrost.
  • Effective Humidity Control:
    • Quickly controls humidity, perfect for drying laundry indoors, and prevents issues like mold, condensation, and bacteria growth.
  • Humidity Indicator:
    • A 3-color indicator shows the humidity level: Blue for less than 40%, Green for 40-60%, and Red for more than 60%.
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  • Quiet & Efficient Dehumidifier:
    • CUQOO's dehumidifier swiftly removes up to 400ml of moisture, enhancing your home's comfort and health. Built with durable and eco-friendly ABS material.
  • Large Capacity & Easy to Use:
    • With a 20L water tank, the transparent and removable design makes it simple to pour water. Features a front air inlet for moist air and a side air outlet for dry air.
  • Versatile Applications:
    • Ideal for small spaces up to 20-25 m², including attics, basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, campers, and RVs.
  • Portable & Compact:
    • This lightweight (1.87 kg) and portable dehumidifier is perfect for high humidity areas like the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, caravan, or garage. Easy to store and move.
  • Easy Operation:
    • User-friendly, even for the elderly, with a single-touch button control. Suitable for home, office, and kitchen use.
  • Sleep Mode Convenience:
    • Activate Sleep Mode for a quieter operation during nighttime use. Indicators gradually dim, and the fan switches to low speed, maintaining a default humidity of 60% RH.
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  • Efficient Home Dehumidifier:
    • This dehumidifier uses semiconductor condensation technology for 360° efficient dehumidification. Suitable for rooms under 350 sq.ft; best results at temperature > 30° and humidity > 80%. Keep doors and windows closed for optimal performance.
  • Energy-Saving & Effective:
    • Removes up to 650ml/day, preventing mold and odors. With a low 40W power rating and auto power-off function, it's energy-efficient.
  • Ultra Quiet & Multiple Modes:
    • Designed with high power and sleep modes, operating at a low 30dB in sleep mode. Equipped with a 7-color ambient light that can be used as a night light.
  • Auto-Defrost Function:
    • Activates when the cooling area temperature drops below 2 °C. Continues dehumidifying when the temperature rises, with the defrost indicator turning off.
  • Portable & Compact Design:
    • Compact size (28cm x 20cm x 14cm) with built-in handles for easy placement anywhere. Lightweight and portable, suitable for various spaces like the bedroom, bathroom, closet, kitchen, cabinet, garage, or RV.
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  • Effective Moisture Removal:
    • Pro Breeze's 1500ml dehumidifier efficiently removes damp, mould, and moisture from various spaces like your home, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, caravan, garage, or basement.
  • Compact & Portable:
    • This lightweight and compact dehumidifier can remove up to 500ml of moisture per day, with a 1500ml tank capacity. Easy to move around and place wherever needed.
  • Ultra-Quiet & Efficient:
    • Operates quietly using Thermo-electric Peltier technology, making it ideal for bedrooms and offices.
  • Auto Shut-Off:
    • Automatically shuts off when the water tank is full, indicating when it needs draining. Simply empty the tank and place it back for continued operation.
  • Allergy Relief:
    • Pro Breeze dehumidifiers contribute to better air quality by removing mold spores and dust mites, common triggers for allergy sufferers and those with respiratory problems.
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  • Laundry-Focused Efficiency:
    • Specially designed for laundry, this dehumidifier prevents mold and eliminates odors from improperly dried clothes. Removes 6L of humidity daily, suitable for areas up to 1500 Sq.Ft.
  • Energy-Efficient & Quiet:
    • Consumes only 120W with minimal energy surge during extended use. Operates quietly at less than 38dB, providing a peaceful environment. Features 2 fan speeds, including a low one suitable for sleep.
  • LED Indicator & Humidity Control:
    • Digital display shows relative humidity, and a 4-color light ring indicates humidity levels. Allows setting a target humidity from 30% to 80%, automatically turning off to conserve energy once reached.
  • Transparent Water Tank & Auto Drainage:
    • Transparent window for easy monitoring of water levels. Auto drainage option with a water outlet pipe for continuous operation. Compact design ideal for tight spaces.
  • Convenient Timer & Modes:
    • Built-in timer for scheduling over a 24-hour period. Offers 3 operating modes - auto, continuous, and laundry. Panel lock feature for security during operation by holding the lock button.
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  • Efficient Moisture Removal:
    • The CONOPU dehumidifier uses advanced compressor technology to swiftly eliminate moisture, collecting up to 12 liters of water daily. It's 5-10 times more efficient than regular dehumidifiers, ensuring a dry indoor space, especially during extended periods of rain.
  • Energy-Saving & Convenient:
    • Set specific times with a 24-hour timer for added convenience. It consumes only 0.21 kilowatts per hour, providing an extra layer of efficiency and energy savings.
  • Smart & Hassle-Free:
    • With an intelligent control chip, this dehumidifier automatically adjusts to your preferred humidity level, eliminating the need for constant manual changes. The automatic defrost function extends the machine's lifespan for a worry-free experience in your smart home.
  • Easy Drainage & Portable:
    • Choose continuous drainage with two hose options (60cm and 20cm), eliminating the hassle of frequent water tank emptying. Easy to move around with bottom wheels, effectively preventing mold buildup.
  • Powerful Airflow & Sleep Mode:
    • Whether you need quick dehumidification during the day or a soothing sleep environment at night, this dehumidifier offers high airflow and a sleep mode, easily accessible with a simple touch.
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  • Energy-Efficient Operation:
    • Pro Breeze's 12L/Day Dehumidifier is designed for low energy consumption, featuring an ultra-efficient compressor, a 24-hour on/off timer, and an auto shut-off system. This helps reduce power consumption and energy bills, making it ideal for damp, mould, condensation, and moisture issues in homes, basements, and bathrooms. Running cost as low as 7p per hour (October 2022).
  • Quiet and Powerful:
    • Utilizing ultra-quiet compressor technology, this powerful dehumidifier operates quietly in various rooms like the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, conservatory, or garage.
  • High Daily Moisture Removal:
    • Ideal for medium to large rooms, it removes up to 12 liters of water per day, preventing mould and musty smells. It has a large 1.8L water tank with automatic shut-off when full and a drainage hose for continuous operation.
  • Smart Humidity Control and Display:
    • Equipped with a one-touch control, LED digital display, and automatic humidity sensor with indicator lights. Allows you to set fan speed and desired humidity between 30-80%, automatically turning off when the target humidity is reached.
  • Convenient Timer and Operating Modes:
    • Includes a 24-hour timer for scheduled operation and three modes - auto, continuous, and sleep modes. Perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and offices with built-in auto-on and auto-off timers.
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  • Effective Moisture Elimination:
    • This dehumidifier efficiently removes up to 10 liters of moisture daily, suitable for spaces up to 15 square meters.
  • Energy-Saving Design:
    • An easy-to-use display allows you to choose your preferred humidity level. The machine conserves energy by stopping when the chosen level is reached and restarting if humidity increases.
  • Simple Drainage Options:
    • Choose between continuous drainage with a connected pipe or a removable 1.7-liter tank. The unit stops automatically when the tank is full.
  • Versatile Modes:
    • Different modes include Automatic for customizable humidity (30-80% in 5% increments), a laundry mode for energy-efficient clothes drying, and an automatic defrost mode for efficient operation in low temperatures (5 ℃).
  • Convenient Features:
    • Equipped with a display, lights, a 24-hour timer, a handle for easy movement, wheels for mobility, and a transparent tank for convenient water level monitoring.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing a Dehumidifier for Your Home

What is a Dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier is a helpful device that takes away extra moisture from the air in your home, making it feel more comfortable and preventing issues like mold and dampness.

Key Features to Consider:

1. Room Size:

  • Choose a dehumidifier that matches the size of the room. Look for information on the coverage area to make sure it suits your space.

2. Water Tank Capacity:

  • Consider the size of the water tank. A larger tank means less frequent emptying, but make sure it still fits in your chosen space.

3. Ease of Emptying:

  • Check if the water tank is easy to remove and empty. Some dehumidifiers have a continuous drainage option, allowing you to connect a hose for convenience.

4. Portability:

  • If you plan to move the dehumidifier around, choose a portable model with wheels or handles for easy transportation.

5. Energy Efficiency:

  • Look for an Energy Star rating. This means the dehumidifier uses less electricity, helping you save on energy bills.

6. Auto Shut-off:

  • Ensure the dehumidifier has an auto shut-off feature. This turns off the device when the water tank is full, preventing spills.

7. Filter:

  • Check if it has a removable and washable filter. This keeps the air clean and makes maintenance simple.

8. Humidity Control Settings:

  • Opt for a dehumidifier with adjustable humidity settings. This allows you to control the level of dryness in the air.

9. Noise Level:

  • Consider the noise level, especially if you plan to use the dehumidifier in a bedroom or quiet space.

10. Brand Reputation:

  • Stick to well-known brands with positive reviews. This ensures you’re getting a reliable dehumidifier.

Tips for First-Time Buyers:

  • Measure Your Room: Check the square footage of the room to match it with the dehumidifier’s capacity.
  • Understand Humidity Levels: Learn about the ideal humidity levels for your comfort and health.
  • Compare Prices: Check different sellers for the best price and any ongoing discounts.
  • Read User Reviews: See what other buyers are saying about the dehumidifier’s performance.

Choosing a dehumidifier is simple when you focus on these features. Keep your home comfortable and free from excess moisture with the right dehumidifier!

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