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Last updated 02/12/2023

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  • Free HD Channels:
    • Watch popular channels like BBC, SKY, ITV, UKTV, and more in Full HD.
    • No need for expensive cable or satellite subscriptions.
    • No contracts or monthly bills.
  • Leading Technology:
    • Built-in smart IC chip and latest filter technology for superior performance.
    • Filters out 4G/5G and FM signals for a clearer picture.
    • Supports breathtaking 4K Ultra HD for the best quality.
  • 360° Reception & Magnetic Base:
    • Sleek and compact design with a magnetic base.
    • Easily fits on tables, desktops, or shelves without glue or stickers.
    • Suitable for various home styles; portable for indoor, car, or caravan use.
    • 16.4'ft coaxial cable for flexible antenna placement.
  • Long Range Antenna:
    • Reaches up to 250 miles for HDTV, VHF, and UHF signals.
    • Maintains superior signal strength with premium copper cable.
    • Ensures uncompressed picture quality.
  • Simple Setup:
    • Plug and play: Connect to the TV or digital converter box.
    • Find optimal placement for the antenna.
    • Scan for channels to start enjoying free content.
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  • Unlimited Access to Premium Movies
    • No more expensive streaming service subscriptions.
    • Exclusive offer for cinematic entertainment.
    • Access a large library of blockbuster movies in HD.
    • No commitments or monthly fees.
  • Cutting-Edge Audio Experience
    • Advanced sound technology for immersive audio.
    • Built-in DSP chip and noise-canceling for clear sound.
    • Hear every detail with richer audio, from symphonies to action sequences.
  • 360° Signal Reception
    • Sleek antenna design with a magnetic base.
    • No need for adhesives, suitable for home, car, or caravan.
    • 16.4'ft coaxial cable for flexible placement.
  • 250-Mile Reach
    • Digital antenna with a strong signal up to 250 miles.
    • Enjoy superior HDTV, VHF, and UHF signals.
    • Premium copper cable for stable and shielded transmission.
  • Effortless Installation
    • Simple setup: plug in, power up, and scan for channels.
    • Connect to your TV or digital converter box.
    • Place the antenna, scan for channels, and enjoy free content hassle-free.
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  • Flexible Installation:
    • 6.5ft Standard Coaxial Cable for easy setup.
    • Helps find the best aerial position for optimal reception.
  • No More Fees:
    • No cable or satellite fees.
    • Clear Freeview broadcasting in Bedrooms, Lofts, and Caravans.
    • Ideal for travel.
  • Easy Setup:
    • Magnetic Base for simple installation.
    • Can be mounted on the table or wall.
    • Suggests placing it close to a window for the best signal reception.
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  • Wide Coverage and 360° Reception:
    • TV aerial provides comprehensive 360° reception.
    • Access to a variety of free HD channels from all parts of your home.
    • Check local channels before buying for accurate reception quality.
  • Digital or Analog TV:
    • Ensure your TV has a Digital Tuner before using the indoor aerial.
    • Look for labels like ATSC, DTV, HDTV, Digital Ready, HD Ready, Digital Tuner, or Digital Receiver on your TV.
    • If your TV lacks a built-in Digital Tuner, you might need an External Tuner box or Converter for effective use of the portable TV aerial.
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  • Outdoor or Indoor Use:
    • Indoor digital TV aerial suitable for outdoor mounting within 50 miles.
    • Channel reception depends on location, signal strength, and transmitter distance.
  • Compact and Portable:
    • Small, lightweight, and compact design.
    • Ideal for Portable TVs, USB DTV Tuners, and Set Top Boxes.
    • Easily fits in a laptop bag or TV case without adding extra weight.
  • Versatile Reception:
    • Capable of receiving VHF and UHF frequencies.
    • Suitable for Freeview and DAB broadcasting.
    • Magnetic base enhances reception by using large metal surfaces.
  • Simple Setup:
    • Easy installation: screw into TV/HDMI and position as desired.
    • Retune TV for optimal performance.
    • Standard coaxial connection compatible with most portable and living room televisions.
  • Quality Assurance:
    • Manufactured by Chaowei, dedicated to digital reception.
    • Full responsibility for any quality issues.
    • Contact for technical support and assistance with reception problems.
  • Optimizing Signal:
    • For locations within 50 miles from transmitter, suggest passive antenna without amplifier.
    • Use amplified unit only for weak signals or when 50 miles away from the broadcast tower.
    • Always retune after moving the antenna to improve the TV-watching experience.
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  • Long Range Reception
    • Smart TV aerial with upgraded amplifier signal booster.
    • Built-in Smart IC Chip optimizes signal transmission.
    • Provides maximum reception up to 250 MILES.
    • 4G/LTE Filter for full HD/1080P/4K Ultra HD channels.
  • 4K Ultra HD TV Aerial
    • Premium coaxial cable for signal quality.
    • 0.2-inch cable thickness reduces signal loss by 50%.
    • Durable construction minimizes interference.
    • Ensures powerful signal stability and crystal-clear picture & full HD sound.
  • Easy Installation
    • Plug into TV, scan channels for best quality.
    • Stylish ultra-thin paper design, flexible placement.
    • 13.6'ft coaxial cable for optimal reception.
  • Digital or Analog TV
    • Check TV for Digital Tuner (ATSC, DTV, HDTV, etc.).
    • External Tuner box may be needed if not built-in.
  • Purchase With Confidence
    • Brand stands behind product quality.
    • Contact sellers for questions or concerns.
  • Important Notes
    • Check available channels on "" or "".
    • Signal strength varies with distance, terrain, and weather.
    • Try different locations for optimal reception.
    • Remove amplifier if no signal, re-scan after moving aerial.
    • Actual range depends on distance and location.
    • Obstructions reduce effective range.
    • Best to have the antenna in line of sight with TV tower(s).
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  • Free HD Channels Without Fees
    • Tool available for free to access HD channels from major networks in your area.
    • No monthly fees or annual contracts.
    • Enjoy local news, weather, sitcoms, kids, and sports programs for free.
  • Easy Installation and Lifetime Service
    • Simple installation process.
    • Place the HD TV Aerial in the best reception spot in your house.
    • Connect it to the "ANT/IN" connector on the back of any HDTV.
    • Scan channels through the TV menu for easy setup.
    • Lifetime after-sale service provided.
    • Contact for help if any issues with the aerial; assistance will be provided.
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  • Purpose: Built for outdoor use
  • Quality: High-quality, durable, and robust construction
  • Origin: Designed and manufactured in the UK
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  • Lifetime Free 4K & HD Channels:
    • Upgraded TV aerial eliminates the need for expensive TV bills.
    • Receives Full HD channels such as BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Fox, and more.
    • Access news, sitcoms, kids, and sports programs without monthly fees.
    • Easy installation – connect to your TV, find the best signal spot, and retune.
  • Full HD Crystal-Clear TV & HD Sound Quality:
    • Smart TV aerial with new generation Smart Switch control Powerful Amplifier Signal Booster.
    • Built-in Smart IC Chip and Crystal Clear Filter Technology.
    • Picks up signals within a 250-mile range.
    • Filters out cellular and FM signals for clearer picture and low noise.
    • Enhanced gain, range, and frequency performance.
  • 17ft High-Quality Coaxial Cable:
    • Makes amplified aerial placement easy for optimal reception.
    • Suitable for customers with TVs far from windows.
    • Comes with a 17ft coaxial cable for flexible positioning.
    • Can be powered by an outlet or a TV's USB port.
  • Easy Installation HD TV Aerial:
    • Place the amplifier HD TV aerial in a position with the best reception.
    • Connect the TV aerial to your television.
    • Suitable for modern life with USB power supply.
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  • Full HD Channels:
    • Latest technology filters out interference for clearer pictures.
    • Access FULL HD Channels like BBC, ITV, Channel4, and more.
    • No need for expensive TV bills—enjoy free TV.
  • Easy to Install:
    • 16.4ft coaxial cable for flexible placement.
    • Connect to your HDTV's "ANT/IN" connector.
    • Scan for channels using your TV's search for instant free TV.
  • Stylish Thin Design:
    • Lightweight and flat design for simplicity and aesthetics.
    • Comes with a sticker for easy hiding behind the TV or placing on a window or wall.
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